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DVD Set - Measure of a Man -Part 2

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Nine teaching sessions, with bonus session featuring all series Life Stories. 3 Disk set includes Leader Guide and 2 Participant Manuals. Session Length: 25 Minutes

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Dr. Gene Getz is at his classic best in this dynamic series. His straight forward teaching method speaks directly to the hearts of men and has made this series the #1 discipleship course in the world for men. This Part 2 section completes the series. Excellent for deacon and elder training and for one-on-one mentoring.
Our pastors and men's leaders have said it this way:
"In over 35 years of ministry, The Measure of a Man is the single most effective tool I've ever used to mature men in their walk with the Savior." Senior Pastor - Tulsa, OK

"Your guys have emulated the teaching style of Jesus by using these Life Stories like Jesus used the parables... GIVE US more." Head of Men's Ministry - Ennis, TX

"The Measure of a Man is NOT another program, goodness knows we don't need another one of those, rather the 'MAN' is a process whereby we can study the scriptures and then see real men sharing their successes and failures... it shows us what a man of God looks like and how he lives his life." Pastor - Jackson, MS

And now it's my privilege to present the Measure of a Man Part II... 10 DVD sessions that will help men continue their journey toward Christian maturity.

Session Titles

1.Overcoming Violence (Never Resort to Violence)
2. A Hospitable Man (A Cup of Cold Water)
3. Overcoming Self-Centeredness
4. Able to Teach
5. A Temperate Man (Maintaining Balance)
6. A Respectable Man (Adorning the Gospel)
7. A Loving and Kind Man (Blessed is the Peacemaker)
8. A Devout Man (Lifting Up Holy Hands)
9. A Generous Man
10. Life Stories: An 8 Part Compilation
Life Stories 3-5 minute living dramas that serve as a powerful sermon illustrations