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Measure of a Man Part 2 Participant Manual

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A comprehensive 64 page manual with fill in the blank, discussion and action step questions. Measure of a Man Part 2 completes the series and challenges men to live out Godly lives. It's easy to use, affordable, with laminate cover, and is a resource to last for years. Solid, down to earth teaching straight from the Word of God.
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Online Access

The Participant Manual is your most essential tool (besides the Bible) to help you get the most out of this fantastic series. This workbook is designed to follow the DVD series, Measure of a Man Part 2. It's also online, contact your church leader for information on connecting with the online version. All sessions will open with Part 1 of a testimony, followed by a teaching segment of 8-11 minutes, a discussion break, Part 2 of the testimony, a second teaching segment, and a wrap up discussion. Men will be challenged to apply the lessons and encouraged to share their experiences. EVERYONE needs to have their own manual. Applications will be personal.

Before starting the video your facilitator may ask you to discuss any homework assignment from the previous session, so be prepared to share what you have done. Below are the steps to get the most out of your workbook.

1. Fill in the blanks as you view the teaching. This will help reinforce the lesson.
2. Participate in the discussion during the break and at the end of the session. Add your thoughts to the group and discover what others think.
3. Complete the activities at the end of each session. The personalized applications are the key to make the teaching come alive in your life.

Workbook questions will help you evaluate your impressions of the testimony and the content of the teaching segments. Take every opportunity to write down your thoughts. Your facilitator will provide plenty of time for discussion and will be prepared to answer questions.
Pay special attention to the action steps.

Keep in mind, Measure of a Man is much more than just a resource to help you personally, it is specifically designed so you can follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

If possible it is also recommended to acquire the textbook, Measure of a Man, as a reinforcement tool to the video teaching. The book has sold over a million copies worldwide. The lessons learned in these pages will establish a foundation for you to build and strengthen every relationship in your life.

Session Titles

1 Overcoming Violence (Never Resort to Violence)
2. A Hospitable Man (A Cup of Cold Water)
3. Overcoming Self-Centeredness
4. Able to Teach
5. A Temperate Man (Maintaining Balance)
6. A Respectable Man (Adorning the Gospel)
7. A Loving and Kind Man (Blessed is the Peacemaker)
8. A Devout Man (Lifting Up Holy Hands)
9. A Generous Man
10. Life Stories: An 8 Part Compilation.
Life Stories 3-5 minute living dramas that serve as a powerful sermon and teaching illustrations.