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Marriage 101 Men's Edition Manual

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Gender based, interactive study guide. It is essential that every student have their own manual. The 64 page manual will guide participants every step of the way through the adventure of Marriage 101. Filled with activities and discussion to help you apply each lesson. Easy to use, affordable, a resource to last for years. Laugh, learn, and grow with teaching straight from the Word of God.
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Product Details

This workbook is designed to follow the DVD series Marriage 101: Back to the Basics featuring Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg and Dave Ramsey. The introduction to each session gives you a glimpse of what will be discussed in the video. Before starting the video, your leader or mentor/coaching couple may ask you to discuss the homework assignment from the previous session. You or the mentor will then begin the video and you will answer the fill-in-the-blank questions as you follow along. At the break point, you will have the opportunity to discuss the topics covered. The questions are designed to evaluate your impressions of the opening drama and will cover the content of the first half of the teaching. Take this opportunity to write down your responses. Your mentor will then ask you and your mate to discuss your responses and will answer any questions that may arise. After the break, you will watch the rest of the video, filling in the blanks during the video as before. At the conclusion of the second half of the teaching session, you will find some activities to be completed, as a couple, over the next week (or a time period you designate for your next session). You will also be offered some additional reading from The Marriage Kit. They can be used as supplemental tools to the Marriage 101 DVD series that reinforce the teaching of the series and lead you deeper into study. These will be an invaluable resource for you throughout your marriage. The conclusion of each session in the workbook provides assignments to be used with these supplemental tools.

Session Titles

Session 1: Marital Expectations
Helps couples have realistic expectations about their relationship.

Session 2: Communication – Do you hear me?
Learn to be an effective communicator, be an active listener and what it means to have true dialog.

Session 3: Personalities - Yes, we are different!
Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Couples learn to embrace each other's differences.

Session 4: Resolving Conflicts
Fighting fair, understanding the "real" issue, and forgiveness are a few of the points taught in this critical segment.

Session 5: Spiritual Unity - 1 + 1 = One
The Rosbergs help couples learn to develop spiritual unity and to overcome differences in family origins.

Session 6: Relating to Money Part 1 – Nerds vs. Free Spirits
Dave Ramsey uses humorous life lessons to illustrate the unique ways we view money and how to work together to make our money work for us.

Session 7: Relating to Money Part 2 – Singles & Children
Listen to Dave as he explains the difference in how to deal with money as a single person and as a couple with children.

Session 8: Sexual Intimacy
Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg cover this sensitive area with common sense and dignity. The mental, physical and emotional aspects of sexual intimacy will help couples better understand the biblical view of sex.

Bonus Sessions

"Before You Say I Do Again" Dr. H. Norman Wright
A special segment for those that may be getting married again.

"Cohabitation" Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg
Straight talk on the biblical view of "living together" before marriage.