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Marriage 101 DVD Coach Kit

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The #1 producer of premarital counseling resources brings you the most cutting edge series they have ever released. Marriage 101: Back to the Basics goes straight to the heart of the crucial issues that face marriages today. Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg, Dave Ramsey, and Dr. H. Norman Wright address Conflict Resolution, Money, Sexual Intimacy and much more.
These respected Christian counselors combine to make Marriage 101 the best in premarital and marital counseling.

Coach Kit Contents

•Features Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg from the Great Marriage Experience and national TV & radio host Dave Ramsey.

•Marriage 101 DVD series on four high quality disks
Eight sessions covering the most crucial issues facing couples today- Communication, Money, Sex, Conflict Resolution, Spiritual Unity and much, much more. (Bonus Sessions "Cohabitation" & " Before You Say I Do Again")

•Introduction DVD / Dramatic Sermon Illustrations
Producer Greg Vaughn gives insight and application into this powerful resource. He shares about our strategic partnerships with Prepare & Enrich, Great Marriage Experience with the Rosbergs, and Dave Ramsey. Also included are the 7 dramas that are in the series ready to be used as sermon illustrations.

•Individual Participant Manuals
Interactive manuals designed to generate discussion, keep the participants focused, and reinforce the video teaching. They also serve as a reference guide for the future discussions. Everyone needs one!

•CD with Bonus Session Worksheets and other resources
This CD has reproducible worksheets for both bonus sessions: "Cohabitation" and "Before You Say I Do Again". Also included are several graphics to use in advertising.

•Comprehensive Leader's Guide with Coaching Tips
A step-by-step guide to assist counselors, mentors and coaches. Contains valuable tips, ideas and activities to aid in making the course everything it needs to be.

•Complete Mentor Set of the DVD series (all eight sessions included)
This second set of the DVD series will provide you the ability to have more than one couple going through the course at the same time. It will also give a Mentor or Coach Couple a separate set to use and preserves the main set.

Online Access

Online access to Marriage 101 is available. Ideal for busy schedules and long distance couples. The Online course is effective and time efficient. Maximize your counseling efforts and prevent loss and damage to your DVD set. For more information on how to access Marriage 101 online, contact your ministry consultant at 800-527-4014.

Session Titles

Session 1: Marital Expectations
Helps couples have realistic expectations about their relationship.

Session 2: Communication – Do you hear me?
Learn to be an effective communicator, be an active listener and what it means to have true dialog.

Session 3: Personalities - Yes, we are different!
Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Couples learn to embrace each other's differences.

Session 4: Resolving Conflicts
Fighting fair, understanding the "real" issue, and forgiveness are a few of the points taught in this critical segment.

Session 5: Spiritual Unity - 1 + 1 = One
The Rosbergs help couples learn to develop spiritual unity and to overcome differences in family origins.

Session 6: Relating to Money Part 1 – Nerds vs. Free Spirits
Dave Ramsey uses humorous life lessons to illustrate the unique ways we view money and how to work together to make our money work for us.

Session 7: Relating to Money Part 2 – Singles & Children
Listen to Dave as he explains the difference in how to deal with money as a single person and as a couple with children.

Session 8: Sexual Intimacy
Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg cover this sensitive area with common sense and dignity. The mental, physical and emotional aspects of sexual intimacy will help couples better understand the biblical view of sex.