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Victory Series-DVD Set

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This video curriculum has 12 sessions each about 25 minutes. Each set includes 3 DVD's plus a CD that includes the comprehensive student workbook and leaders guide. You can print as many workbooks and leader guides as your church needs.

It is designed to equip every person to be a caregiver, someone who can shine the light in the dark places. You will be given tools and practical knowledge to love and care for those around you. It's an incredible time of learning, growing, and equipping.

Also features: Dr. Gene Getz - E.K. Baily - June Hunt - Norm Miller

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You may be a parent, a church deacon or elder, a school teacher, or an active lay person.This video series is for you! You may be a Minister, a concerned Christian, a prayer partner, or a seminary student. This series is for you! You may be a professional counselor with a doctorate, a Bible study leader, a youth worker, or an active church member. This series is also for you!
This video curriculum will bring hope to the hurting, comfort to those in crisis, and training to those who want to care but don't know how. There are hurting people all
around us. Men who are weighed down by stress, women who have lost a child to drunk driving, or families who are being torn apart by selfishness and anxiety. Have you ever
wanted to help them, but just did not know what the first step should be? This series is for you! If there has been a death in your family, or your friend has lost his job, how can you minister to them? This series is for you!
Stress, crisis, and trauma are all around us. Instead of feeling inadequate to help people, we want to give you the confidence to lend a hand.
The Victorious Life Series is designed to equip every person to be a caregiver - someone who can shine light in the dark places of the heart. If you are going through this in a Sunday School, lay institute, or in a small group setting, you will be given the tools and practical knowledge to love and care for one another.
So Start Your Engines! You are in for an incredible time of learning, growing, and being equipped to bring the love of
Christ into broken lives.

Session Titles

Introduction: Start Your Engines
Session I - Answers to Anger
Session II - Stress & Burnout
Session III - Winning Over Worry & Fear
Session IV - Trauma & Extreme Crisis
Session V - Death & Grief Part I
Session VI - Death & Grief Part II
Session VII - Marriage in Crisis
Session VIII - The Crisis of Divorce
Session IX - Basics of Caregiving
Session X - Children in Crisis
Session XI - Transitions of Life
Session XII - Bonus: Case Studies Part I
Case Studies Part II