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Lessons from the Tackle Box Self Study Kit

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HOME USE ONLY: This kit is for anyone wanting to do the Lessons from the Tackle Box course on their own. You will be shipped the LFTB Participant Kit that includes 108 pages of study material, sample letters, devotions and activities. The Lost Art of Letter Writing DVD, stationery, and envelopes are included as well. Materials come packed in a sturdy three ring binder. You will also receive full access to the lessons online and FREE Download of the classic Letters from Dad Audio Book. Once you have purchased the self-study course, you will be emailed online access instructions. Call 800-527-4014 for more information.

Product Details

LFTB will give you the tools and confidence to bless your family in ways you never thought possible. Our sessions will use a 20-20-20 principle. We will usually have 20 minutes of teaching, 20 minutes of discussion, and 20 minutes of writing. Below are five steps to success in Lessons from the Tackle Box.

STEP 1. Make a commitment to God, and to yourself, to complete the simple LFTB lessons and assignments. NOTHING happens without commitment.

STEP 2. View the sessions! Persistence is half the battle. The evil one will throw every possible obstacle in your path to prevent you from completing the lessons. Don't let him stop you! He knows that this process will change your life and the lives of your family forever.

STEP 3. Follow along with the teaching. Fill in the blanks, answer the questions, and complete the assignments. Share your thoughts with someone you trust and be accountable. Knowledge and experience gained through interacting with a trusted brother in Christ will be invaluable. Everyone has something to offer. You never know how your story may help a brother unless you share it.

STEP 4. W-R-I-T-E. Write, Rewrite, use your Intuitive senses, Test it, Edit it, and then deliver it. Watch your "Lost Art of Letter Writing" DVD and let Dr. Reg Grant walk you through the W-R-I-T-E process. Professor of homiletics, drama, voice, creative writing, and creative radio production, there is no one better to teach you how to be a great letter writer and great communicator.

STEP 5. Complete the assignments. Write your letters, complete your devotions and witness what God will do. You can do it! Everything you need is in this guide. Sample letters, templates and much more. These pages are here to help you. And remember, plagiarism is encouraged. Steal from this workbook. Borrow other words that you come across during the study. Do whatever it takes to get down on paper your thoughts. Nothing will move the heart of those you love more than your written words of Love, Blessing, and Affirmation.

All of the LFTB lessons are available online. You can log into the library to review sessions whenever you like. Contact our office if you have any questions at 800-527-4014.

Session Titles

1. Kickoff - Introduction Presentation
2. The Power of the Written Word
3. The Power of the Spoken Blessing
4. The Power of the Visual Legacy
5. The Power of Prayer
6. Your Story for God's Glory