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Periscope DVD Launch Kit

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Cultural Captives Book:


The "LAUNCH KIT" has all the basic tools to to help any ministry implement the Periscope program. The series is based on material from the Once Captive project developed by Probe Ministries. It is designed to help believers "See Above" and "Live Beyond" the call of the culture where they live. Kerby Anderson and Steve Cable of Probe combined their skills and expertise in this critical area. Being "born-again" and holding a Biblical world-view are often two different things in our culture today. Compromise in every area of life is pressing in to challenge our beliefs and the very basics of Biblical truth. Periscope helps believers of any age take an in-depth look on where they stand concerning basics of the Christian faith. Periscope is NOT just another Bible study. It is a journey to living a transformed life. Tools and skills to live above and beyond the culture of the day. To be salt and light in a world that desperately needs a Savior.

Get ready for the JOURNEY of a lifetime!

Master DVD Set:
2 Teaching DVD's. All 7 video teaching segments plus thought provoking Teasers to generate discussion. Video Length: 15-20 minutes. Well designed and entertaining video teachings will help the group leader capture the attention of the participants and are guaranteed to give them lots of feedback on every topic.

"Now I'm Bound" CD:
12 songs from the Dove Award-Winning artist Jennie Lee Riddle. Designed to be integrated into the Periscope teaching. Powerful lyrics reinforce the teaching segments and help participants connect with the topics.

Comprehensive Facilitator's Guide:
The complete step-by-step guide to assist Group Leaders in every aspect of the Periscope program. 42 pages of tips, activities, outlines and detailed instructions.

5 Periscope - 49 Day Journey Devotionals:
This devotional is a "must have" for each and every member of the class. For each of the 49 days the participant is given a specific truth to study, meditate on and implement in preparation for the weekly group meeting. It will be used over and over again in the lives of the participants. Their manual will be something they will need as a resource as they walk through life.

Cultural Captives Book:
Has the Church already lost the next generation of believers? What has happened in our culture to pull so many away from a Biblical worldview? What can be done help believers to reject compromise and embrace the basic truths of Christian faith?
214 pages of hard facts, statistics, and timely truth.

Coach Kit Contents

2 DVD's containing all 7 Periscope Training sessions. Also includes Ticklers and Teasers.
"Now I'm Bound" CD: 12 Dynamic Songs
1 Comprehensive Facilitator's Guide
5 Periscope - 49 Day Journey Devotionals
1 Cultural Captives Book

Session Titles

The PERISCOPE Experience:
Session 1 – Looking through God's Periscope
Session 2 – Seeing the Source of Deception
Session 3 – Exposing False Views Session 4 – Exposing False Living
Session 5 – Embracing a True Vision
Session 6 – Renewing Your Mind in the Truth
Session 7 – Seeing Above - Living Beyond