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Brave New Discipleship - Course 1 -KNOW


If you are a pastor of a church or the leader of a small group, you might be wondering: With the many products on discipleship available today, why should I choose The  Brave New Discipleship System as a teaching tool?


Frankly, because the hours are short and The Church desperately needs solid, biblical discipleship training.


A building can never be greater than its foundation. However, as culture become more and more shallow, many pastors, mega churches and small churches alike, have witnessed the shallow-ization of their churchesThey often describe their congregations as “a mile wide and an inch deep.”


We urgently need an effective resource for this concern.


Deeply rooted in biblical teaching. Presented with practical and effective methodologies. The Brave New Discipleship System has the power to radically increase the spiritual growth and impact of your church or small group.


The Brave New Discipleship System is the fruit of over 40 years of studying, teaching, pastoring, and the experience of my own journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


It is a simple, yet powerful presentation of the Biblical foundations for becoming a complete Christian and can be viewed as a blueprint for basic discipleship.


Aspiring disciples will gain specific principals, strategies and personal plans necessary to bring about significant spiritual growth.


It’s needed. When a believer is not instructed effectively or misses some basic principles of biblical discipleship, their faith can take unnecessary and often painful detours. These gaps in biblical instruction can stunt a believer’s development, which ultimately stunts the Church.


It works. The Brave New Discipleship System is an integrated and comprehensive approach to discipleship. It accurately distills the Bible’s foundational teachings on Christian growth and lifestyle into easy-to-understand concepts and real-life application. The system is designed to capture the heart and mind of believers across denominations and cultures. It clearly and effectively communicates the biblical basics that every Christian needs to know. That every Christian needs to be. And that every Christian needs to do.


It works for everyone. This system will benefit any Christian, whether beginner, veteran, or in between. This step-by-step process through basic discipleship principals can radically influence an earnest Christian’s capacity to grow spiritually.


It’s new tools for an ancient task.  Christian discipleship is an ancient task. It has been handed down from the first disciples to every individual man, woman, and child who has stepped forward to follow Him since.


But, while the task has not changed, times have changed! And the tools we use to disciple must accommodate the way people learn in our “brave new world”.


The Brave New Discipleship System does just that. It uses proven methods of teaching, whether for knowledge (know), lifestyle (be) or ministry skills (do). And it recognizes the way our 21st century minds have been effected by electronic media. It engages both the “right brain” (creative/emotional) and the “left brain” (intellectual/objective).


So there you have it: The Brave New Discipleship System, new tools for the ancient task of discipling believers into complete Christians.


It’s my hope and prayer that you will find The  Brave New Discipleship System a valuable resource in your ongoing discipleship ministry as we join forces together to fulfill our ancient task. MAX ANDERS



Lesson 1 - Knowing Why to Believe in God

How do we know God even exists? What evidence is there to prove it? If He does exist what is He like? Why are humans so special? All these questions and more are answered in this first lesson. Get ready for an amazing journey into what the Christian faith is all about.


Lesson 2 - Knowing the Attributes of God

How is God different from us? How is He like us? What motivates God to do what He does? All of us have an idea of what God is like, usually based on our experiences rather than Biblical truth. Dr. Anders takes time to explain the facets of God's character and how we perceive Him.


Lesson 3 - Knowing About the Humanity & Deity of Jesus

Jesus was a man but He was also God. What does that mean? How does that work? Why is that important? Dr. Anders helps us understand this often difficult concept.


Lesson 4 -Knowing About the Resurrection & Return of Jesus

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Why is that important to the Christian faith? Jesus said He would return. How do I know that is true? This lesson reaches into the center of our belief. These core teachings are critical for any believer to understand.


Lesson 5 -Knowing About the Holy Spirit

Learn who the Holy Spirit is and what He is not. What does the Holy Spirit do in our lives? How does He work? In this lesson, Dr. Anders will explore both the Old and New Testaments to discover what the Bible says about the third person of the Trinity.


Lesson 6 - Knowing About the Bible

How do we know the Bible is God's Word? Who wrote down the words? Can we trust that what we have is reliable? These same questions have been asked for centuries. With amazing tact and insight, Dr. Anders navigates these challenging waters. 


Lesson 7 - Knowing About Spiritual Warfare

God's Word has much to say about the spirit world. Most of us know very little about it except for the falacies we see on TV and in the movies. There is evil in the world.  How do we fight it? What weapons can we use? Are you prepared to do battle?


Lesson 8 - Knowing About Redemption

Redemption? What does that even mean? In this lesson you will discover the key points of why we, as people of this world, need a Savior. God's purpose and plan for "saving" us by His own Son, Jesus, is explained. Do not miss this lesson!


Lesson 9 - Knowing About the Church

Part of what Jesus came to do was establish the Church. There is much discussion and controversy about the job and expectations of the Church. Listen in as Dr. Anders gives some clarity to what God expects from us as individual Christians and as the corporate body called "The Church".   


Lesson 10- Knowing About the Future

The "End Times".  A mountain could be built with the many volumes of books that have been written about the days before Christ's return. Many are just speculation, some are pure hogwash. Fact: Christ is returning. What can we believers expect? Are we prepared? Is there really a Hell? What will Heaven be like? Listen close to some honest answers.



Brave New Discipleship