Women that love the Lord are the backbone of the American church. Their intuitive capacity for compassion and the sacrificial desire to serve are priceless. These three series are particularly fitted to encourage and equip the woman of God. Learning how to be a conduit of blessing, being an effective and knowledgeable care-giver, and understanding how God is active in every aspect of our work, whether inside or outside the home, are just a few of topics in these programs.

  • Your Work Matters to God

    Your Work Matters to God

    Your Work Matters to God: Many Christians tend to separate their life into categories, home, work, recreation, church. That is NOT what God intended and it is not what a follower of Christ is called to be. Being a Christian is not a part-time job, it’s who we are, and must be practiced in every part of our life. Doug Sherman, former Air Force jet fighter pilot, helps us make the connection between our workplace, whether in be in the home or outside the home, and our Christian walk. He will help understand us how we can have a powerful impact on the lives of others through how we conduct ourselves in the work environment. This classic series is probably the most practical program ever produced by Grace Ministries. 10 sessions, each about 25 minutes.

  • Crisis Care

    Crisis Care

    Crisis Care – Hope for the Hurting: Many churches have used the solid principles and concepts from this classic series to train their Care Teams for ministry. Dr. H. Norman Wright, America's Christian Counselor, is respected across the country for his insight into the heart and mind of the hurting. He will give simple and practical tools for helping those in need. Case studies of real life crisis situations are also shared and discussed. 13 sessions, each about 30 minutes.

  • Discipleship

    Blessings from the Heart

    Blessings from the Heart:Greg Vaughn, the author of Letters from Dad, traveled the country for 10 years challenging thousands of men to a deeper commitment to God and to their family. In those same places women would often approach Greg and ask when he was going to produce something for them. He answered these sincere requests with Blessings from the Heart. It’s an 8-part project that will call women to be a blessing in every part of their lives. Filled with solid Biblical teaching and interactive assignments it has proven to be one of the most beloved resources in the library. 8 sessions, each about 30 minutes.

  • Discipleship

    Always Near 

    Have you ever felt that your walk with God was not what you would like it to be? That "nearness" that you once had is now different and distant. Author, pastor, and gifted story-teller, Dr. Robert Morgan gives us insight into being near to God. In his new book, Always Near, he shares his own story of life's struggles and that, through it all, God can be "always near". He discusses 10 ways to cultivate the blessings of God's presence. Includes 5 video sessions and FREE Study Guide.

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