Reaching out into the surrounding community and beyond is the call to every congregation. Jesus commanded his disciples “Go into all the world and preach the good news….”. That command is still in effect and there are many, right in our own neighborhoods, that need to hear it. These four series, especially Evangelism 101, are practical, easy to use, and will equip believers with the skills necessary to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those around them.


    Crisis 101

    Crisis 101 – Making Sense of Life When Life Doesn’t Make Sense: Life in this world does not always make sense. We live in a fallen, corrupt world where circumstances can turn upside down very quickly. Dr. Robert Morgan, author of the best-selling book "The Red Sea Rules", shares 10 strategies for navigating difficult times. Based on Exodus 14 he expounds on how God uses the challenges of life to strengthen our faith and equip us to be a source of comfort to others. 10 sessions, each about 25 minutes.

  • 100X


    100X – Fresh Ideas for Church Growth, Health, & Vitality: FACT: Over 90% of all American churches have either plateaued or are declining. Why, with all the resources, manpower, and Biblical knowledge available, are the large majority of churches so ineffective in reaching the lost in their communities? 100X interviews many of the top church growth leaders in the country. Their insight can help any leadership team understand and embrace the Biblical concepts that so many churches have lost. Are you ready to take the next step in growing your church beyond the mediocre? 10 sessions, each about 20 minutes, free Discussion Guide included.

  • Christar


    Christar: One of the newest additions to the Grace Ministries team is the world-wide mission organization group called Christar. Their specialty is reaching into Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist people groups with Gospel of Jesus Christ. God, in His wonderful plan, is bringing many from these people groups to our very doorstep. Nearly every community has families from these groups that are now our neighbors, co-workers, and classmates. Unfortunately, 98% of Christians have no idea on how to reach them with the Good News. Christar provides tools and resources to help congregations understand these groups and how to share the truth of Jesus with them. Christar also has one of the most comprehensive and diverse short-term mission programs in the world.



    Jesus told us "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" and "You shall be witnesses". Let's be honest, many of us are pretty weak when it comes to sharing our faith. Maybe we need to take a close look at what we believe. What makes the Christian faith so unique? Evangelism 101 takes a deep dive into five areas that show the uniqueness of our faith and is guaranteed to build confidence in the truth we hold. Experts in world religion share their insight on what makes Christianity stand out among all other faiths and why it is the only one that truly reconciles us to God. Then we will learn five simple and effective strategies to reach the world around us for Christ. A complete and thorough evangelism study that is a must for every believer.

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