Small Groups

Authentic spiritual life change generally happens in the small group setting. The intimate relationships and opportunity to share life experiences is priceless when it comes to growth in the Christian life. Nearly all of Grace Ministries programs work well in a small group setting but these six have had tremendous impact with their practical and timely teaching.

  • Brave New Discipleship


    KNOW: A ground-breaking discipleship program, with Dr. Max Anders, is almost a basic apologetics course that sets the foundation of faith for any believer and provides solid bible-based answers to seekers. The series covers every basic principle that is at the core of Christian faith. Applicable for new and mature followers of Christ. Solid, foundational, a must-have. 10 Sessions, approx. 22 minutes each.

  • Crisis 101

    Crisis 101 – Making Sense of Life When Life Doesn’t Make Sense: Life in this world does not always make sense. We live in a fallen, corrupt world where circumstances can turn upside down very quickly. Dr. Robert Morgan, author of the best-selling book "The Red Sea Rules", shares 10 strategies for navigating difficult times. Based on Exodus 14 he expounds on how God uses the challenges of life to strengthen our faith and equip us to be a source of comfort to others. 10 sessions, each about 25 minutes.

  • Periscope


    Periscope: Designed to help believers grasp and understand a biblical worldview. Our modern culture, secularism, and the call to compromise is drawing Christians by the thousands away from the basics of Christianity. FACT: 80% of church-going teens leave the church by the time they finish college. The Church is failing to disciple and equip our believers in the very basics of the faith. We are losing the next generation. Periscope can help ground them in the faith so they can stand against the onslaught of a secular worldview that pressures many to doubt the faith and leave the church. Probe Ministries is respected nationwide and has worked for decades to defend the Christian faith. 7 Sessions, approx. 25 minutes each.

  • Measure of a Man

    Measure of a Man Part 1 & 2

    Measure of a Man Part I & II: Based on the best-selling and world-wide published book, this series has ministered to tens of thousands of men around the globe. Dr. Gene Getz goes to the very heart of what a man of God looks like, how he acts, and where he draws his strength. Integrity, Overcoming Anger, Moral Purity, and Managing Your Household are just a few of the hard-hitting topics in this classic series. Contains a total of 20 sessions, 10 in each program. If a church could only have ONE resource for discipling men, this would be it. Session Lengths: Approx. 25 minutes.

    Measure of A Man 2
  • Marriage 101

    Marriage 101

    Marriage 101 – Back to the Basics: Voted as the top marriage course in the country four years in a row is this multi-functional program. Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg teamed with Dave Ramsey to make Marriage 101 a versatile and effective tool. Thousands of ministers use it for both premarital and marriage enrichment. Many also make it part of their at-risk marriage counseling. It covers all the basics and much more, topics like Communication, Conflict Resolution, Expectations, and Finances are all included in this comprehensive resource. 8 sessions, each approx. 25 minutes. Includes two BONUS sessions on Cohabitation and Blended Families. Meets qualifications in every state, completion certificate can be executed on request.