All too often programs for young people are little more than glorified entertainment. Pleasing to the ear and eye, but lacking on content and a solid call to a Biblical worldview. Grace Ministries understands the need for tools that can be fun and entertaining resources that catch the attention of our youth without endorsing worldly views. We believe these resources fill both areas of need. Periscope and KNOW contain solid Biblical teaching geared toward the young believer and In Search of the Heroes is an Emmy Award-Winning Collection that encourages good moral character and values. Evangelism 101 is the best apologetics/outreach program available, it is a MUST for any High School/College class.Christar provides tools that will help your youth have a better knowledge of how to approach people of other faiths that may be their classmates and neighbors.

  • Periscope


    Periscope: Designed to help believers grasp and understand a biblical worldview. Our modern culture, secularism, and the call to compromise is drawing Christians by the thousands away from the basics of Christianity. FACT: 80% of church-going teens leave the church by the time they finish college. The Church is failing to disciple and equip our believers in the very basics of the faith. We are losing the next generation. Periscope can help ground them in the faith so they can stand against the onslaught of a secular worldview that pressures many to doubt the faith and leave the church. Probe Ministries is respected nationwide and has worked for decades to defend the Christian faith. 7 Sessions, approx. 25 minutes each.

  • In search of the Heroes

    In Search of the Heroes

    In Search of the Heroes Collection: This collection of 11 movies has won every educational award that can be won including 2 Emmy’s. They are all live-action dramas done in a back-to-the-future format that is entertaining and holds the students’ attention. They encourage viewers to read, stay in school, and appreciate history. A mysterious “librarian” transports errant students, that need an important lesson in life, to a time and place where they interact with the particular “hero”. Your kids will love this collection! Each movie is about 35 minutes.

    Go the Main Library page to see the titles of each movie. Look for the In Search of the Heroes section. Library subscribers are licensed to view them at no aditional cost. Perfect for school teachers and home-school families.

  • KNOW


    KNOW: A ground-breaking discipleship program, with Dr. Max Anders, is almost a basic apologetics course that sets the foundation of faith for any believer and provides solid bible-based answers to seekers. The series covers every basic principle that is at the core of Christian faith. Applicable for new and mature followers of Christ. Solid, foundational, a must-have. 10 Sessions, approx. 22 minutes each.

  • Christar


    Christar: One of the newest additions to the Grace Ministries team is the world-wide mission organization group called Christar. Their specialty is reaching into Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist people groups with Gospel of Jesus Christ. God, in His wonderful plan, is bringing many from these people groups to our very doorstep. Nearly every community has families from these groups that are now our neighbors, co-workers, and classmates. Unfortunately, 98% of Christians have no idea on how to reach them with the Good News. Christar provides tools and resources to help congregations understand these groups and how to share the truth of Jesus with them. Christar also has one of the most comprehensive and diverse short-term mission programs in the world.

  • Christar


    Jesus told us "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" and "You shall be witnesses". Let's be honest, many of us are pretty weak when it comes to sharing our faith. Maybe we need to take a close look at what we believe. What makes the Christian faith so unique? Evangelism 101 takes a deep dive into five areas that show the uniqueness of our faith and is guaranteed to build confidence in the truth we hold. Experts in world religion share their insight on what makes Christianity stand out among all other faiths and why it is the only one that truly reconciles us to God. Then we will learn five simple and effective strategies to reach the world around us for Christ. A complete and thorough evangelism study that is a must for every believer.

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