Grace Ministries has focused on men’s ministry tools for over 40 years. We know there is a great need for men of God to rise up and fulfill their calling to be what their wives, children, families, co-workers, neighbors and churches need them to be. Each one of these resources speaks directly to that very calling whether it’s in the home, the workplace, or the church.

  • Fathering 101

    Fathering 101

    Fathering 101 – Be the Dad…God wants you to be: “Fatherlessness”, a term we recognize but seldom understand the tremendous impact it has on our society and the Church. The breakdown of the family is at the core of many of our nation's ills. And it must be noted, that just because a father is in the home, does not mean he is an “abiding Dad”. Any male can become a father, but it takes a real man to be a “Dad”. Bill Dotson authored the book From F.A.I.T.H. to F.A.I.T.H. It stands for, Fathers Absent in the Home to Fathers Abiding in the Home. A father may be present in the home but that does not mean he is “abiding”. Too often fathers take a back seat in bringing their children up in the ways of God. It is left to the Mom, the church, or a grandparent. This is not God’s way. Fathering 101 brings men back to the basics of what it means to be a man of God and to firmly grasp the role to “Be the Dad…God wants you to be”. 10 sessions, instructor training, class length determined by group leader. Available in SPANISH!

  • Periscope

    Lessons from the Tackle Box

    Lessons from the Tackle Box: Greg Vaughn, author of Letters from Dad, and Founder of Grace Ministries traveled the country for 10 years speaking to thousands of men. In those travels he gleaned powerful testimonies and lessons on to reach men for God and how to help men connect in very real way to those they love most. Lessons from the Tackle Box takes all the best of the dynamic Letters from Dad project and puts it into a more user-friendly and affordable format that men will love. 5 sessions, each about 25 minutes.

  • KNOW

    Measure of a Man 1

    Measure of a Man Part I & II: Based on the best-selling and world-wide published book, this series has ministered to tens of thousands of men around the globe. Dr. Gene Getz goes to the very heart of what a man of God looks like, how he acts, and where he draws his strength. Integrity, Overcoming Anger, Moral Purity, and Managing Your Household are just a few of the hard-hitting topics in this classic series. Contains a total of 20 sessions, 10 in each program. If a church could only have ONE resource for discipling men, this would be it. Session Lengths: Approx. 25 minutes.

    Measure of A Man 2
  • Your Work Matters to God

    Your Work Matters to God

    Your Work Matters to God: Many Christians tend to separate their life into categories, home, work, recreation, church. That is NOT what God intended and it is not what a follower of Christ is called to be. Being a Christian is not a part-time job, it’s who we are, and must be practiced in every part of our life. Doug Sherman, former Air Force jet fighter pilot, helps us make the connection between our workplace, whether in be in the home or outside the home, and our Christian walk. He will help understand us how we can have a powerful impact on the lives of others through how we conduct ourselves in the work environment. This classic series is probably the most practical program ever produced by Grace Ministries. 10 sessions, each about 25 minutes.

  • 1500 Principles

    Discipling 101

    Discipleship Through Relationship

    TIME: A precious commodity, held tightly and closely guarded, but often wasted on things that have no eternal significance. Discipleship, done right, is a commitment of time. It is one believer in Christ committing and investing time into the life of another. Too often, the American version of discipling is another Bible Study or a 10 page fill-in-the-blank booklet of what it means to be a Christian. The final command that Jesus gave was to go and "make" disciples, not hope that osmosis will create fully matured believers. Jesus spent time with His closest disciples. He got to know them, challenged them, held them accountable, loved them unconditionally. Should we not follow His example?

    Discipling 101 is a simple, effective way to answer the call to all Christians, "go and make disciples". Stephen "Bud" McGinnis was a leader in his home church but had never personally, intentionally, discipled anyone in the Chrisitan faith. It convicted and challenged him to do something about it. His life has never been the same. Thousands are now being taught in the faith, one to one, face to face.

    Using a simple format, with minimal materials, Bud set out on a mission to teach men to be devoted followers of Christ. He commits himself and a bit of his time. In return he demands the same from them. Faint of heart need not apply, this is a call to take your faith seriously.

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