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God is Bringing the Mission Field to our Doorstep!

Grace Ministries is continually searching for relevant and timely tools to help our churches reach the unreached in their communites and around the world. God, in His grace, has led us to a new partnership with "CHRISTAR", a world-wide mission organization that specializes in reaching the least-reached populations of Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists. With all their efforts in planting and supporting indeginous churches in unreached populations is the heightened realization that God is also bringing the mission field to us! Large groups of Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist followers have immigrated to the United States. Many of them are the co-workers, neighbors, and schoolmates of our church members.

PROBLEM: 99% of all Christians have no idea of how to reach out to people of a different faith. As a result, very few are led to a knowledge of Jesus Christ.

SOLUTION: Christar has developed a large number of training tools to assist church leaders. Resources to help their congregations understand these other religions and how to be successful in sharing the Gospel with the Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist communities in their area.

Grace Ministries celebrates this new partnership and we encourage our library subscribers to take advantage of this FREE and valuable resource.

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    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. 25% of the global population now claim to hold the Muslim faith. Although some estimates report that nearly 4 million followers of Islam are in the US, others believe it is much higher. Their main book of faith is the Quran (Koran). It contains portions of the first five books of the Christian Old Testament and other books of the Bible, but diverges into it's own interpretation of some of the events from the teachings of their main prophet, Muhammed. Muslims that convert to Christianity often face severe persecution from their families, even to the point of death.




    Hinduism does not have one set core of rules or guidelines. It has some beliefs akin to Buddhism but encompasses a broader set of "gods", many having attributes similar to the mythical gods of the Greeks and Romans. There is one supreme god, Brahman, that is in all things and all life flows from him, all other gods are representations of his personalities. Reincarnation, self-discipline, and appeasement of the many gods are parts of the Hindu system. Some Hindu populations still adhere to the "caste system" that is iften criticized in many parts of the world. Estimates show that over 2.5 million Hindu followers now reside in the US.




    It is estimated that nearly 6 million Buddhists currently live in the US. Buddhism has many different sects and a wide range of philosophical diversity. BOTTOM LINE: Man can reach a godly state through his own power by adherence to a set of practices that include meditation, self-denial, reincarnation and doing "good deeds" to increase your karma and move you to the next level of spirituality. Followers fo Buddhism can often be difficult to approach with the Gospel. Their broad acceptance of other faiths leads them to easily incorporate Chrisitan belief into their own brand of Buddhism.



    Short Term Opportunies

    Nearly every evangelical congregation has an active short-term mission program. Some churches have built-in partnerships but many are also actively seeking to expand the opprtunities offered to their mission-minded participants. Christar has one of the most extensive, effective and diverse short-term mission programs that Grace Ministries has ever seen. Search by location, term of service, experience level, and much more. Please take time to explore the many facets of a Christar mission opportunity. Make your short-term mission experience more that just a glorified vacation. Make a difference that will last for eternity!

    Short-Term Mission Opportunities

The Christar heritage dates back to the early 1900's. Christian pioneers like Florence Drew, Benjamin Davidson and Francis Stead began by reaching the lost in China, India and Iran. God's great plan combined these amazing ministries into what has now become Christar. They have planted churches in over 30 countries and in more than 70 people groups. They provide resources and training to churches all over the world to help them reach the least reached. Christar also has one of most extensive and effective short-term mission programs in the world. See below for more information.

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SOON TO COME - Short-Term Missions Training

Grace Ministries and Christar, along with other mission-minded organizations, are creating a Short-Term Mission Training and Certification program that can be used by every church. This tool will be FREE, and totally ONLINE, so that any sending church can make it easily available to their teams. This training will help groups be more prepared and effective as they enter different cultures. Content will be generic enough to be applicable in any type of ministry being performed and specific enough to help each individual feel confident as they reach out with Christ's love to those in need.