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Crisis Care

Also features: John Trent.- E. V. Hill - Dennis Rainey - Steve Arterburn - Gary Oliver - Carl Brecheen - Paul Faulkner - Frank Minirth - Gene & Elaine Getz - Dr. Howard Hendricks - Charles Stanley - Vonette and Bright - H. Norman Wright


Emergencies face us every day. Examples are the loss of a job, death of a spouse, robberies, murders, drug addiction, illnesses, death of a parent, suicides, heart attacks, miscarriages, mid-life crisis, rape, car wrecks, divorce, and the list goes on and on. The challenge for us as Christians is "What do you do?" and, "What do you say?"


In a world filled with suffering, it's comforting to have a video series that brings Hope for the Hurting. Join Dr. H. Norman Wright and other trusted Christian counselors as they train and equip God's people to effectively reach out and care for others in the midst of CRISIS. This thirteen-part, interactive video series is a resource that no local church or counseling center should be without. Each session is about 30 minutes

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Series Overview by Dr. Gene Getz

Session I
People in Pain
Session II
A Bridges Over Troubled Water
Session III
Trusting God
Session IV
Heavenly Perspective
Session V
Patterns of Pain
Session VI
Nuggets of Truth
Session VII
Hope for the Hurting
Session VIII
Expect the Unexpected
Session IX
Exploding the Myths
Session X
Silence is Golden
Session XI
The Rubber Meets the Road
Session XII
Making a Difference
Session XIII
I See That Hand

Effective Ways to Use This Resource

Crisis Care Teams
Teacher Training
Midweek Services
Home Care Groups
Sunday Evening Services
Sunday School Elective
Leadership Development
Visitation Teams
Deacon/Elder Training