When the word “evangelism” is brought up some believers are tempted to run for the hills. Visions of knocking on stranger’s doors or preaching on street corners strikes fear into even the most stout-hearted Christians. How does evangelism really work? Jesus said “Ye shall be witnesses” and “Love your neighbor as yourself” but how do we go about it in a practical and effective way?

Evangelism 101 gets back to the basics of understanding and sharing our faith in Christ. It takes a close look at 5 aspects of our Christian faith that are fundamental and absolutely unique, than any other faith in the world. We will also look at 5 simple, practical, and meaningful ways to reach our neighbors for Christ. Jesus set the example for us. Yes, He preached on hillsides and spoke in the synagogues, but that was only part of what He did. Jesus built relationships, spent time with those around Him, he ate with them, listened to their problems, and served them.

In this series you will hear from two experts on world religions, Dr. Sukhwant Bhatia and Dr. Ramesh Richard. Their insight will build our confidence in what we believe and give us a firm foundation for sharing our story. You will also hear from Dave Ferguson, co-author of the best-selling B.L.E.S.S. book, and Greg Vaughn, founder of Grace Ministries. This team has one purpose, to bring us to a deeper and fuller confidence in our faith and to show us how to “Love Like Jesus Loves”.

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Release Date Jan. 5, 2022



Series Introduction  - 14 minutes

The Book Among Many Books - 14 minutes

The Faith Among Many Faiths - 14 minutes

The God Among Many gods - 14 minutes

The Way Among Many Ways - 14 minutes

The Commission Among Many Commissions - 14 minutes