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Created and produced by Dr. James Reeves the two new Fearless Series are destined to be the go-to resource for helping those that have experienced trauma/abuse in their lives. The Fearless Series is an opportunity for the Church to become a “spearhead of healing” for those that have experienced abuse, particularly sexual abuse. The series will be a “catalyst” to begin the conversation, that sadly, many churches have avoided. At least 30% of every congregation is struggling with trauma/abuse issues that hinder their walk with Christ. It's a program for all members, men and women, teens to adults, and in this day and age, we can't ignore it.

Dr. Reeves says “This is a subject that the Church can talk about. God’s Word says a lot about it, and we should be talking about it”. “And we should be helping women who have experienced the trauma of that violation". He contends that the Church is the best place, and our culture is really beginning to open up to this opportunity for ministry. A "hospital church" is a model where people can heal, be restored and become whole for the service of Jesus Christ.

The Fearless Resources are made for the church and are tools to gather people in a safe environment so they can realize they are not alone.Bringing this conversation to churches starts at the top. It must be embraced by senior staff to be successful. Understanding and helping victims of abuse is not just for specialized counseling ministries. Our churches need to be a place where the hurting can find a place of healing. Many would never initially seek specialized counseling.

Fearless is church-centered and Bibically-based. Filmed in 4k and professionally edited to give the hurting the opportunity to get conversation started. The two five-week series, one for men and one for women, focus on the prevalence of abuse, the problems that come from abuse, the priority for the Church to be involved, the prevention of abuse and the pathway to healing.

Video sessions are 25 minutes. Participants will watch these before breaking into small groups with a trained facilitator. Training materials are included and are a MUST for class leaders. This is NOT your ordinary Bible study. It MUST be approached with the care and concern that the subject deserves. There is also an eight-week follow-up study that is essential for those dealing with abuse problems.

Fearless will feature experienced medical and psychological professionals, heads of counseling ministries, and real life testimonies from those that have been through all types of abuse. All of the speakers who share their stories in the series are survivors of sexual assault who are active in helping other survivors. The Fearless Men's Series features respected and nationally known author and speaker Max Lucado.

Dr. Reeves states that the Fearless Project is the most important thing he has done in over 40 years of ministry, "This is a problem that must be addressed, women and men need a safe to heal".

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As Senior Pastor at City on a Hill Church in Fort Worth TX for 40 years Dr. Reeves regularly saw wounded people receive help, hope and healing through Jesus Christ. He recevied a B.A. at Baylor University and MDIV/DMIN degrees from Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary. City on a Hill Church practices a "hospital" style of ministry seeking to help those with emotional and psychological wounds. Dr. Reeves is no stranger to trauma having been brought up in an alcoholic home and struggled through many years of healing and restoration.Dr. James speaks at seminars and conferences all over the country mentoring churches as they develop their own hospital church transition. These efforts led him to develop the Fearless Series for Women and for Men. In addtion to these series he has authored the books "Refuge - How Hospital Church Ministry can Change your Church Forever" and "Life Change for Every Christian". To contact Dr. Reeves directly CLICK HERE.



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