Lessons from the Tackle Box

14 years ago God led Greg Vaughn on a journey that ultimately included over 40,000 men. God reached down and touched the hearts of those men and most have never been the same. During this journey Greg watched and listened as God moved and now, years later, he is being led again. In this new step for the "Letters from Dad" project Greg reveals what he has learned and how men might apply these new concepts to their lives.

"Lessons from the Tackle Box" is challenging, life-changing, and takes men to a place they thought could not be possible. It's also easy-to-use, affordable, and can be fully implemented into any men's ministry.

The BIG question: If God were to take you home today... what would your wife and children hold in their hands tomorrow that would let them know that they were the treasures of your life?

You are invited on a journey to leave a legacy of Faith, Hope and Love.

Session Titles

  1. Kickoff Presentation! Invite a Friend to Join You!
  2. Power of the Written Word
  3. Power of the Spoken Blessing
  4. Power of a Visual Legacy
  5. Power of Prayer
  6. Your Story for God's Glory

Six Lessons, Five Powerful Letters.

Follow the Master Fisherman

Go Fishing for the Hearts of your Family!

"Lessons from the Tackle Box"

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DAVE RAMSEY: Bestselling Author and Radio Host.

"Letters from Dad is a movement that is sweeping the nation. It connects Dad's to their families as never before. It encourages every dad to join Letters from dad and write letters of blessing to their family!"



PATRICK MORLEY: Author: The Man in the Mirror

"You are changing the world, one life at a time!"



STEVE FARRAR: Author of Point Man

"Greg will show you how to become a best-selling author to the most important reading audience in the world...your family. It just doesn't get any better than that!"



DR. GENE GETZ: Author - The Measure of a Man

"My dear friend, Greg Vaughn, will teach you how to write letters of faith, hope and love that will be a blessing to your family for generations to come."



H. NORMAN WRIGHT: America's Christian Counselor

"My friend, Greg Vaughn, has found a shiny, new lure called Letter from Dad that hooks the hearts of men, helping them say the things they've always wanted to say but just didn't know how."



BYRON WILLIAMSON: President, Worthy Publishing

"There is a new ministry emerging that is capturing the hearts of fathers. It is called Letters from Dad and it will change your life!"



TOM DOOLEY: National Radio Host - The Journey

"Letters from Dad is Promise Keepers on steroids"



DR. KEN CANFIELD: National Center for Fathering

"There is a new ministry emerging that is capturing the hearts of fathers. It is called Letters from Dad and it will change your life!"



JIM DALY: President, Focus on the Family

"The story of Greg's old rusty tackle box is capturing the hearts of men everywhere. Thanks again for being on our Radio Broadcast today."