Measure of A Man Part 1

Over 40 years ago a book was published. Little did the author know he had written the book that would ignite the flames of revival in the hearts of millions of men, not just in the United States, but around the world. Looking back, many church historians point to one book that may have started it all... The Measure of a Man by Dr. Gene Getz.

This classic best selling book became a classic best selling DVD series. Why has this book been used in such a powerful manner and translated into 16 different languages? It's simple, Gene says: "I stole the concepts from one of the greatest authors of all time... the great Apostle Paul." Drawing from Paul's maturity profile in I Timothy and Titus, Gene outlines the 20 character traits of a Godly man. In his simple straightforward style Gene lays it out: "This is what a Godly man looks like. This is what a Godly church leader, husband, businessman, pastor, or teenager should strive to become." The Measure of a Man Part 1...10 DVD sessions that will help each man begin his journey toward Christian maturity. Each session is about 25 minutes. Along with DVD set purchase you receive the entire series ONLINE!

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Testimony from Rev. William Green about the power of using Letters from Dad or Lessons from the Tackle Box followed by the Measure of a Man two-part series.


Series Overview by Dr. Gene Getz

Session I
The Measure of a Man
Session II
A Man of Moral Purity
Session III
A Man Above Reproach
Session IV
Loving What is Good
Session V
Managing your Household
Session VI
Overcoming Anger
Session VII
Letters from Dad/Sharing your Wisdom
Session VIII
A Fair-Minded (Gentle)Man
Session IX
A Generous Man
Session X
A Disciplined Man
Life Stories 3-5 minute living dramas that serve as a powerful sermon and teaching illustration.

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