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Family 101 DVD Coach Kit

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The Family 101 Coach Kit has all that is needed to conduct a series of studies on how the "One Another" principles of the New Testament apply to family life. It features Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg (America's Family Coaches), much sought after speakers, and authors of over a dozen books on relationships. Also featured are the nationally acclaimed "Skit Guys", whose humor and insight is guaranteed to keep you laughing. Tommie and Eddie are the best there is when it comes to helping us laugh at ourselves.

Each of the nine sessions are designed to give us a picture of how to live the "one another" principles in the most difficult of places: your family. Participants learn how to love, serve, forgive and encourage each other with the unique team teaching style of the Rosbergs. Each session is 20-25 minutes with a break in the middle for discussion and interaction. All sessions begin with either a humorous skit or a real life testimony that introduces the participants to the topic. Workbooks are an essential part of the experience and 5 sets of gender-based manuals are included in the kit.

Also included, as a bonus to our pastors/preachers, are seven full sermon outlines that coincide with the teaching sessions. Dr. Gene Getz (author of 5 "One Another" books) gives us his best in these outlines. He also provides a special video teaching called "Building Up One Another" on how these passages apply to family life.

Coach Kit Contents

Master Set:
4 DVD's containing all 9 Family 101 sessions
1 DVD with Series Introduction and Testimony Collection
1 CD with the Family 101 Sermon Series and Art Files
1 Leader Guide with Tips/Activities

Teaching/Loaner Set: (Not Included in all Kits)
4 DVD's containing all 10 Crisis 101 sessions

5 Men's Participant Manuals
5 Women's Participant Manuals

Online Access

Online access to Family 101 is available. Stream directly into classrooms and small group settings. Maximize outreach and ministry impact and prevent loss and damage to your DVD set. For more information on how to access Family 101 online, contact your ministry consultant at 800-527-4014.

Session Titles

Session 1: Let the Adventure Begin!
The Rosberg's give us the What, Why, and How of Family 101. Find your Blueprint Quotient, set goals, and prepare your heart for a walk through the "One Another's". Preview all the teaching.

Session 2: Serving One Another
What does it really mean to "serve" one another? Jesus said "the greatest among us is the servant of all". Learn what that looks like in daily life and how to truly be a servant.

Session 3: Forgiving One Another
Explore the depth of true forgiveness. Find the path to a forgiving nature and why our Lord tells us we "must" forgive.

Session 4: Honoring One Another
Honoring those closest to us can be a challenge. Familiarity often leads us to take people for granted. Listen in as the Rosberg's teach us how to honor others in our life.

Session 5: Praying for One Another
Prayer is the most effective, but also the most neglected tool in our Christian walk. What makes prayer so difficult? Learn how to pray with power for those in your life.

Session 6: Loving One Another
Love is a term loosely applied to many things in life and relationships. Discover what God really expects when He commands us to "Love One Another".

Session 7: Encouraging One Another
Words of encouragement and kindness can make the difference between defeat and victory in someone's life. Dr. Gary & Barb help us discover the right words, attitude and actions to become a light in the darkness.

Session 8: Building Up One Another
Our lives are like a hammer. We can build things up or we can smash things apart. Navigate the truths of God and find your way to a life of building others up in love.

Session 9: Being Devoted to One Another
The Rosberg's teach this powerful lesson on the meaning of true devotion. Hear stories of commitment, dedication and unwavering faith that will break your heart, then mend it.