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Fathering 101 Study Guide/Book Combo

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This Combo Book includes the full Fathering 101 Study Guide and the textbook "From FAITH to FAITH". Both are critical pieces that are needed by each course participant. They have been combined into this beautifully designed and affordable resource. The Study Guide is filled with activities and discussion to help apply each lesson. Each lesson also includes a QR code for quick access to key video testimony. Easy to use, affordable, with laminate cover, a resource to last for years. The From "FAITH to FAITH" book, authored by Bill Dotson, is the keystone for the program. Learn to "Be the Dad...God wants you to be".
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The Combo book containing the Study Guide and the From FAITH to FAITH Book, along with the Bible, are the essential tools to help men get the most out of this fantastic series. Participants with travel chapter by chapter through the "From FAITH to FAITH" book. Contact your class leader for information on connecting with the online Life Stories using the QR codes in the book or by logging into the Grace Library. Life Stories will introduce the topic of each session. Each are about 6 - 8 minutes long. It is very important that each participant have the Combo Book/Study Guide assignments completed before each class. Each part of the material will be covered in the class setting. Sessions include a personal reflection section where participants will be challenged to apply the teaching. EVERYONE needs to have their own combo manual.

Before starting the class the coach/facilitator may ask men to discuss any homework assignment from the previous session. They need to be prepared to share what has been done. Below are the steps to get the most out of the Study Guide and the Fathering 101 program.

1. Fill in the blanks as you read through the "From FAITH to FAITH" book. This will help reinforce the lesson.
2. Answer the questions and complete the activities requested for each session. The personalized applications are the key to make the teaching come alive in your life.
3. Participate in the discussion during the class time. Add your thoughts to the group and discover what others think.

Study Guide questions will help you evaluate your impressions of the Life Stories and the content of the teaching segments. Take every opportunity to write down your thoughts. Your facilitator will provide plenty of time for discussion and will be prepared to answer questions.

Keep in mind, Fathering 101 is much more than just another video class. It is specifically designed to help every Dad "Be the Dad...God wants them to be!". No matter what type of Dad you are you can become an "abiding" Dad.
Enjoy this series, do the work, and the rewards will last a lifetime.

Session Titles

Introduction – Greg Vaughn & Bill Dotson
Session 1 – Be the Dad...who Abides
Session 2 – Be the Dad...who Understands the Role
Session 3 – Be the Dad...who Loves
Session 4 – Be the Dad...who Prays
Session 5 – Be the Dad...who Models/Mentors
Session 6 – Be the Dad...who Listens
Session 7 – Be the Dad...who Teaches
Session 8 – Be the Dad...who Disciplines
Session 9 – Be the Dad...who Blesses
Session 10 – Be the Dad...who Provides/Protects
Conclusion – The Everlasting Father