My Faith Votes

Our faith matters. And when we, as Christians, put our faith to work it can benefit others and positively impact the culture around us. This applies to every aspect of our life, including voting.

In every election cycle, we have the opportunity to decide who leads our nation. The leaders we elect will guide our nation’s future on every important issue. The policies and laws our leaders enact will affect America for decades to come.

Most Christians want to see good public policies created that reflect biblical values. However, in order to see these kinds of policies enacted, we have to elect principled leaders. And in order to see principled leaders elected, we must make our voice heard by voting.

Grace Ministries endorses “My Faith Votes” as a non-partisan organization that is simply calling people of faith to vote. They do not promote any particular political party or candidate.

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    Get Informed! Think about the candidates. Do they share my values? Will they represent my concerns, my hopes, my dreams for our country. Although there is no one that is perfect, Christians need to think serioully about their choices when they step into the voting booth. Often we simply vote a particular political party without thinking through what a candidate stands for and what they will actually accomplish if elected. We also need to be very cautious about basing our entire opinion on local or national news. They can often be biased. Think for yourself and vote your faith!

    ....if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think on these things. Phil. 4:8

  • Gene Getz

    Prayer is our direct connection to the One that has all wisdom. His Word tells us that if we "humble ourselves and pray" that He will answer and heal our land. Most of the difficult battles in the Christian life are not won on the debate stage, the committee meetings, the board room, or the pulpit. They are fought and won from our knees, before the God who created it all and will, one day, call all to judgement.

    Pray for wisdom, He has promised it to all who ask: "If any of you lacks wisdom,let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, andit will be given to him."James 1:5

  • Periscope

    VOTE! Seems obvious but millions of Christians do not vote, even though most are already registered. First, register. Fill out the form provided at most public offices, such as the post office, DMV, libraries, or your county Voter Registration Office. My Faith Votes also provides a link on their site that can lead you through the process. Second. find your local polling place, generally a school, church or public building near you. Third, go out and VOTE! Early voting, Absentee Ballots and much more is available to make the task easy.

    Whatever you have in mind, go ahead and do it, for the Lord is with you. 2 Samuel 7:3



All Grace Digital Library Subscribers receive free downloads of all "My Faith Votes" materials in the Leader Portal.

Call your Library Specialist for details: 800-527-4014.