The Video Biography Company is the brain-child of Emmy Award Winning producer, Greg Vaughn. The idea of doing living biographies came in 1995 as he was watching A&E with the thought of making a movie about his hero, his mom. She was gravely ill but still able to communicate her story. At her funeral Vaughn played a segment of her last words to her family, "I'm so thankful that you are here and honored that you have come. I want to talk to you about a couple of things: the importance of faith, hope, and love." For 10 minutes she spoke, on VHS tape, to the crowd. Vaughn saw the power of visual media to convey core values to future generations. This inspired him to add video biographies to his productions.

The "Living" history process is based on techniques developed by film makers, psychologists and journalists at Family Archives International. The Video Biography Company has created a unique one-on-one interview which warmly guides subjects through their life. Vaughn walks them from ancestry to childhood, to building their family, to reaching maturity and achieving their life goals.

Weaving the fabric of photographs, home movies, personal reminiscences, and archival footage, a rich tapestry of memories, emotions, facts and impressions are built. This allows the subject to tell their story in a distinct and powerful way.

Everything is carefully researched, written, and recorded at a time and place that is comfortable for the subject. Then it is digitally edited into a one hour professional "Video Biography" along with copies for all loved ones. NEW!!---All biographies are now also uploaded to a private online channel for easy access.

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